Fragrances from Zara

This past Thursday I got to leave work a little earlier (because of the long weekend) and with that curtesy from work I decided to pop into Tygervalley and have a little stroll.

I’m not going to lie to you, I love shopping… end of story, no excuses about that one. I walked into my favorite store (Woolworths) and checked out some of the winter stuff they have up for offer this season. Loving the new scarves in store, as well as the winter hats and dresses. Of course, right opposite Woolies is another store quickly becoming a fave, Zara.

I went into Zara some time back to pick up something for my cousin, but because I was in a bit of a rush that day I didn’t get to try out any of the fragrances (their conveniently very close to the pay points). On Thursday however I specifically went in there with the purpose of trying out some of their scents. Their counter is jam packed with goodies, from really light scented floral and fruity notes and a lovely vanilla, to some more winter, darker, evening notes (also cleverly bottled in darker bottles to show their darker scents).

I am crazy about any products that come in a no nonsense and no fuss packaging. Nothing spectacular over here, but that little white box is just super appealing 

I’m telling you guys, if you need a new scent you MUST visit Zara. They have a wonderful variety and the scents really stick. I was wearing a jersey on Thursday and sprayed some of the fragrances on my sleeves (I didn’t have space left on my naked arms) and that scent is still sticking, after the jersey had been washed!

This is the medium sized bottle from Zara. I LOVE the leather like casing it comes in. Really such amazing scents to try… Jasmine appealed to me the most.

I chose the Jasmine, a lovely, yet very sweet smelling at first, scent that settles perfectly after a short while. I hate fragrances that are sharp as they tend to give me a headache, but these are those lovely scents that just whift up every so often and you get that beautiful smell. Delicious! I was torn between Jasmine and Orchid, both lovely… there was wonderfully yummy smelling Vanilla as well (in a beautiful yellow bottle, my favorite colour!), some oriental smells and lovely darker woody notes.

The best part of these fragrances are that they are sooo much cheaper than you would expect. I picked my little baby up for R139. They have larger bottles for about R219 and then smaller guys too. Really worth the look and if you like more than one of the scents their such a steal you might as well just pick up a few.

Let me know if you have tried any.



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