Living a healthier life

I recently read a blog post by blogger Leigh of Lipgloss is my life where she met nutritionist Jessica Sepel at Jessica’s book launch of Living the Healthy Life, and of course, as an avid reader and also someone who really does like to be a bit more healthy (I really do!) I just had to get the book for myself.

Living the Healthy Life

For the past couple of nights I’ve been reading bits of the book, really slowly to get all that info into my head… Not only have I enjoyed the style in which the book is written, but all the advice she gives is really something all of us can give a go.

In her book, Jessica suggests to take it slow when changing over to a healthier life, don’t just jump into things! So I’ve taken that approach.

One thing I’m giving a serious go is to not drink as much caffeine! Jessica advises that you try to stick to one good cup of coffee before 10h00, which I am trying, and succeeding so far in doing. Once you get use to just one cup a day you really tend to savor the moment. I will admit that when starting I did feel a little tired, but now I’m use to it.

I’ve also been (trying) to eat healthier, my oats in the morning with berries, sticking to really healthy green veggies, but also not feeling guilty when I do perhaps have something “bad” to eat… I’m enjoying it so much because you don’t feel like you are pressured into doing anything radical, it’s all on your own terms and on your own time.

I have yet to try some of the other recipes but I’m looking forward to the home-made vitamin water, the soups and the muffins! Even my dad said they look scrumptious.

I love the approach Jessica has, and I really want to encourage all of you to learn to love your body. It is really something I’ve been struggling with but once you eat even just a little healthier and try to relax more and take that me time you will feel the results.

Love yourself, treat yourself well, be satisfied with what you have.



2 thoughts on “Living a healthier life”

  1. Hi hun! This is such a lovely post 🙂 I’m really enjoying the book too. You have to try the eggplant/aubergine bruchetta. My flat mate and I are obsessed with it and have made it several times now. Only a few ingredients and maximum delish!


  2. Oh my goodness, what a lovely surprise to get a comment from one of my favorite bloggers! Thanks so much, I’m definitely going to try the aubergine bruchetta! Also, that tomato and peppers soup!


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