Wedding Hair DIY

Hallo my lovelies!

So, as I’ve mentioned before (and I’m sure I’ll be casually mentioning this until the day) I’m getting married in August! Total low-key do, lovely morning wedding with a bit of a brunch and bubbles, right smack bang in winter… and I cannot wait!

I’ve opted to do a lot of things myself, and this includes my hair and make-up. Why?! you might ask in alarm (or not). It’s totally just my choice because I want to look very natural and also because it’s so early in the morning I don’t want to put anyone out…

Here are a couple of ideas I have in mind:

What do you think?

And have any of you had diy hair and make-up for the wedding?

My bridesmaids and I are going to try some out perhaps over the weekend, so I’ll share some of the results with you then 🙂



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