Good Old Environ

I love a good skincare routine, I really do. I love the way my face feels after a good scrub or mask, or applying something good and healthy to my skin. I’ve recently gone back to my good old friend Environ. I used these products some years back, not sure why I stopped, I think Environ wasn’t available at a load of places back then. But no more worries about that, Environ is available everywhere these days, I stock up on mine at Sorbet, but most skincare salons sell their goods.

Why did I go back to Environ? These products are made for our skins, they contain Vitamin A, because as Environ says, our skin is alive and Vitamin A is the oxygen it needs to look beautiful. Environ believes that Vitamin A is an essential skin nutrient that has to be replenished every day for healthier looking skin. Environ combines Vitamin A with other essential nutrients, like antioxidants and peptides to achieve long term skin enhancement.

Ok, so all the Vitamin talk out of the way, why did I choose Environ? My skin has been feeling a bit dull lately, I’ve had a couple of nasty “karbonkels” on my cheeks (those pesky blind “puisies” that have NOTHING to squeeze out, but they stick to your face like nothing else and ALWAYS make an appearence on the most unwanted times). I go for regular facials, which I LOVE because they give my skin that extra cleanse and boost, but I wanted something different, a total skin overhaul. First I tried to finish off all my old products (I don’t like to be wasteful). Then I skipped to my Environ stockist, got a quick analyses of my skin and the lovely skin technician recommended some products. (I just need to add, I have the oiliest skin on earth!)

I’m currently using:

  • Environ Original Pre-Cleanser
  • Environ Original Balancing Masque
pre cleanser

Environ Original Pre-Cleanser… works like a cleansing oil.


These two products are used to pre-cleanse, like a cleansing oil, and then you add the masque to exfoliate the skin in soft motions and to rid the skin of extra oiliness.

  • Environ B-Active Sebuwash
Environ Sebuwash

This one is made for the oily skinned girls, and I love the smell!



  • Environ Evenescence C-Boost

This one helps with pigmentation and pesky marks on the skin

  • Environ Original Moisturising Gel
  • Environ Sun-Care Alpha Day Lotion SPF 15
SPF 15

The Alpha Day Lotion was recommended instead of the RAD as the RAD could make my skin a little oilier


I’ve been using my products for about two weeks. My skin has shown little improvement but I know it takes longer than two weeks to see the full result.

I’ll keep you all update on the progress!


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