I’m getting married in August!!! Yay!

Ok, so now that’s out of the way I want to share with you all my journey into the unknown world (for me) of wedding planning…

As a little girl I was heavily exposed to weddings as my mother owned a successful florist in our neighborhood. She had the shop with flower and gifts, flower deliveries and of course flowers for special occasions. It must be because of this I’ve never really dreamed about a big flashy wedding (although I totally don’t object to a beautiful and large wedding with all the trimmings), it’s just not for me. Although I can talk your ear off once I know you, I’m actually extremely shy and I like one-on-one experiences more than group stuff (I sound like a recluse, I know!).

I was so scared he would drop my ring into the ocean!!! Shaky hands…

Once my one-and-only had popped the question I was obviously anxious to start planning, but boy oh boy was I happy to hear that he didn’t want a large wedding either! So we’ve settled on a modest morning wedding with our closest family and friends.

Verlowing 2

I’ve also opted not to use a lot of flowers at my wedding, must be the whole florist vibe shining through again… I also mainly don’t want my mother to be faffing about other stuff on this special day.

So with that all being said, I’d like to share my experiences with you all… You see, I’m going very minimalist and un-flashy and I want to share my experience and ideas with you all.

I’ll be sharing something different, from hair to make-up, to my bridesmaids and more with you (hopefully) each week.

Please share your comments with me if you have some brilliant ideas!




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