Fashion forward or fashion frump

Hi guys,

I know, it’s been a while, I’m only getting started in the blogger games so please forgive me…

Today I wanted to find out from you all what you really think about fashion?

Now ladies, I know we all love fashion, I mean we wear clothes every day!

But have you ever looked at the latest trends and thought, “why!!!!”?

I find myself doing that a lot lately. Stores are jam packed with the latest fashion and to be honest, most of the “fashionable” stuff I won’t even dare wear!

Just because the “mom jeans” are in fashion, or the bomber jacket doesn’t mean you HAVE to wear it. I look really frumpy and fat in “mom jeans” and the bomber just doesn’t fit my style. (Because when you’re 31 you kinda know what your style is). I love wearing a great skinny pant, even if Cosmo or Marie Claire says its soooo last season! It fits my style and it makes me look good, so why should I compromise just because I want everyone to know I am totally in the latest fashion?

Another great example are shoes… wow there have been some nasty examples, for instance:


I know it’s the “in” shoe, but this reminds me of the shoes Barbie use to wear. It makes my foot look so weird and I feel like an “ou tannie”. I’m not saying if you have these you should get rid of them, I’m referring to my own style here. I do agree, some things do look great on some people, and other just just don’t.

Another shoe example that sucks on my foot… the mule:


It really makes me look old…

I basically wanted to find out from you all, are there certain items you just cannot wear, no matter how hot the fashion is right now? Are there some items you’ll just bear to wear to be in fashion?

Leave me a comment 🙂



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