Date Night…

Cape Town Lights

I’ve lived in a small (smaller) town for most of my life. You know, that dorpie where everyone knows you or knows someone who knows you. I’ve wanted to move out of there for the longest time, but it’s become so comfortable and convenient because my work is literally 15min away.

Things finally changed when I met my one and only in 2014. He lives closer to Cape Town (if you live in the Boland, anything from Brackenfell on wards is basically Cape Town!). We got engaged last year and plan on getting married in August. So naturally we’re looking for a place to call our own, and this will be the first time I’ll be moving away from home. To say I’m excited is an understatement! We’re only planning on moving in together in June (I’m commuting between my parents place and his in between) but I’ve already started packing! I’m looking forward to a new adventure and even though we’re not going to be living in Cape Town, only close by, I’m so looking forward to exploring the night life in Town.

If you have any cool ideas on date night options (let’s keep it in budget ok?), please let me know!

We’re planning one for next week, so I’ll keep you guys posted.



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